To: All Members of NHMPA

It is with Great regret that we inform you that our Treasurer Sue Folsom, after a long and heartfelt deliberation, has decided to step down from her position as Treasurer of the NHMPA. Sue has been the heart and core of the board since she took office, and her presence and guidance will be deeply missed. Sue has agreed to help in the interim and with the transition of the new Treasurer.

To the Membership: It is most pressing to find a new capable, willing, and qualified replacement as soon as possible!

Ask Yourselves, ask your family members, this may be your time to shine. The Treasurer is a most important Board position, and we cannot function without one.  Please wrack your brains and email any one of the Executive Committee members with a suggestion.


David Kemp, President

Andrew Chisholm, Vice President

Alisha Powell, Secretary