2017 Felker Award

2017 Felker Award - School Division

$2,000 Prize

School division contestants must be public or private schools in New Hampshire within the K-12 range. Any number of students and affiliated adults may participate.

Contestants must file an Application to Compete with the NHMPA and, upon acceptance, will be assigned a NHMPA member mentor/field judge, who will review and approve the initial plan of production and, from time to time during the active 2017 season, observe the contestants adherence to the following production rules:

  1. All maple sap must be produced in New Hampshire using 5/16th taps or smaller and collected only via a food grade system. Any collection system may be used including, buckets, gravity tubing or vacuum systems.
  2. All maple syrup submitted in the contest must be produced by lead free equipment and systems. Contestant may use any size evaporator fueled by any type of fuel. The finished maple syrup may be filtered by any method.
  3. The NHMPA member mentor/field judge shall be satisfied that the students are active in all phases of the operation and that contestant's syrup was produced primarily by the contestant's students.
  4. Each contestant will submit 1 sealed glass mason quart jar of syrup to the NHMPA by April 16, 2017 along with a certification from NHMPA member mentor/field judge. At the NHMPA Summer Meeting in July 2017, all entries will be checked for density. Any entry outside the limits of 66.0 to 68.0 brix will be disqualified. Twenty-one (21) volunteer members of the NHMPA will be chosen at random to taste each of the remaining entries and each judge will cast one (1) vote for the maple syrup entry they like the best.

The entry with the most votes wins the 2017 Felker Prize of $2,000.

The NHMPA Board of Directors' decision on any issues concerning the Felker award shall be final.

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Felker Award 2017 Poster

Felker Award Poster

Felker Award 2017 Student Application

Felker Award Student Division Application

Felker Award 2017 Individual Application

Felker Award Individual Division Application

Felker Award 2017 Rules

Felker Award Rules