Who We Are

Celebrating 80 Years!

Founded in 1943, The New Hampshire Maple Producers Association, Inc. is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the high quality of New Hampshire’s maple tradition. The NHMPA organizes several public events throughout the year including Maple Weekend, during which many of New Hampshire’s sugar houses open their doors to the public.

The NHMPA also hosts the annual Carlisle Award competition, a judged contest in which a prize is awarded to the producers of the highest quality maple syrup. Each year, as the season begins, the NHMPA invites the governor to kick off the season by tapping the first maple tree.

NHMPA Officers

First name Last Name Position Phone Email
Andrew Chisholm President 603-421-4727 [email protected]
Vacant Vice President
Morning Ag Clips Secretary 518-692-2829 [email protected]
Morning Ag Clips Treasurer 518-692-2829 [email protected]


First name Last Name Position Phone Email
David Kemp Director 603-532-8496 [email protected]
Chris Olsen Director 603-988-6174 [email protected]
Shawn Atkins Director 603-495-3000 [email protected]
Gene Chapdelaine Director 603-361-9133 [email protected]
Chris Hicks Director 603-479-0804 [email protected]
Ryan Sheehy Director 603-235-6184 [email protected]