Pure NH Maple - Grading

NH Maple Syrup Grades Are Changing!

The New Maple Syrup Grades will begin to take effect in the 2015 season. This year is a transition year for the Maple Producers to change over to the new system. As of 2016, all producers will be required to use the new system.

Former Grading System

Grade A Light Amber

The first runs of maple sap in the early spring make the Grade A Light Amber syrup. This treasured syrup, with its delicate maple flavor, is used to make maple cream, candy and sugar. Many prefer it as a table syrup.  


Grade A Medium Amber

Gradually, as the maple season progresses, the syrup darkens a shade to Grade A Medium Amber. This product bears a richer maple flavor and is great for pouring over pancakes, ice cream or oatmeal. This grade is also used for making maple cream and sugar.  


Grade A Dark Amber

Nearing the end of the 4-6 week season, the syrup darkens again to Grade A Dark Amber, which is also a choice table syrup. With its stronger, more robust maple flavor, it can also be used for cooking.  


Grade B

At the very end of the season, some maple producers make a small amount of Grade B syrup, which is darker yet and has a strong maple flavor. Although some folks enjoy it as a table syrup, it is primarily used in cooking. All grades of syrup are processed alike and have the same density.