There are many ways to support local producers this season

The 2021 holiday season is upon us! All over the world, people are celebrating the birth of Christ, lighting the menorah for each night of Hanukah, looking ahead to the beginning of a new year, and celebrating the season with family and friends. When looking for gifts to give this year, look no further than locally made maple products.

The classic and most recognizable maple product to consider for gift-giving is maple syrup in any of its four grades. From light to dark, each grade has its ideal usage from eating to cooking. Maple cream or butter is also a popular item for consumers. It can be enjoyed on your morning toast or with fruit or crackers as part of an afternoon snack. Maple flakes or maple sugar can add a light maple taste when cooking or baking. For those with a bigger sweet tooth, maple candies, taffy, cookies, and other goodies can bring extra big smiles when they are unwrapped. There are also many specialty items to consider that could make unique gifts like maple-flavored condiments, coffee, granola, and many others. Each producer has his or her own specialty items, and many producers offer gift baskets with a combination of maple goodies just waiting for you to sign the gift tag.
Maple is an excellent choice for gift-giving for several reasons. The first is that it is a functional gift. Maple products are made to be used, whether for eating, cooking, or baking. You never have to worry about the recipient not knowing what to do when unwrapping some tasty maple goodies! Second, the gift of maple supports local producers. Since maple is unique to a particular area, it is produced by sugarmakers from local communities in the maple-producing area of the world. When you choose to give maple as a gift, you are buying a locally made product that supports local business and local producers. Even if you don’t live in the native maple part of the world, many maple producers are willing to ship their products to you directly or to your loved ones near or far.
Whether you bought most of your gifts months ago or wait until the last minute to do your shopping, make sure you have the delicious, unique, and local gift of maple on your list! And check with your local producers to see what specials they are offering for the season. While you’re shopping for friends and loved ones, don’t forget to grab an extra bottle of syrup or pack of candies for your own holiday table.