Matras Maple

821 Catamount Road, Pittsfield, NH, 03263 United States
831-881 Catamount Road Pittsfield New Hampshire 3263 US

We are a 1,300+ tap and growing operation that started in 2002 by myself (Willie) and my brother Asa with the help of our dad. We started with just a little homemade set up with only about 20 taps and have been expanding ever since as time and budget allow. The trees we tap are located in Chichester, Epsom, and here in Pittsfield. Two of the sugar bushes we tap have recently been equipped with vacuum systems which increases sap yield and helps make the yield a little more predictable. We run the sap through a reverse osmosis machine before boiling which removes 50-75% of the water. We then boil the sap on a two and a half  by eight foot wood fired evaporator.

We love what we do and it is a great way to spend the mud season. We hope you can come see our cute rustic sugar house and the fine maple syrup we offer, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. We also offer other maple products in season as well.

Open SATURDAYS in March if sap is flowing during the 2019 Maple Month. Open SATURDAY and SUNDAY on March 23rd and 24th. Check out our Facebook page for exact dates and live updates on when we are boiling. See you in the sugar house!

Update: This Saturday (10-4) and Sunday (12-5) we are open. There is plenty of sap so come on over!

LATEST  UPDATE: This Saturday, March 30th we have sap and will be boiling from 9:30 until the sap runs out.(Likely 1:00 or so).

Full name of primary contact:
Willie Matras
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